Kilian's Crew: end of season backstage.

In the final episode of Kilian's Quest Season 3, we celebrate the journey of an amazing year with an amazing team. Thanks to you all !

I have recently been filming and editing a 26 minutes documentary with exclusive action shots and interviews of Kilian. Following Salomon Running's whishes, I spent quite some time with Kilian getting to know him closely and captured some very personnal thoughts about his vision of running.

This Documentary will be part of a generous DVD edited by Salomon Running. In addition to all of Kilian's Quest & 5 races 5 continents videos, you will find two awe-inspiring documentaries about Kilian's season.

it will be released next december 2011 in shops for free and I hope to get few copies to give away from this blog... stay tuned.

seb montaz, Kilian Jornet, trail running