#lovesouthafrica video campaign

South African Tourism


South African Tourism requested a series of short films and stills shot on location in Cape Town and Johannesburg, to illustrate less familiar sides of South Africa - with the aim of promoting the country as a desitination to the 20-35 age group.


A week shooting on location covered various aspects of South African life, plus coverage of several adventure sports with extreme athlete Tancrède Melet.

Two groups of films were produced - series 1 with the focus on different experiences of South Africa (nature, cities, design) released under the title 'CELEBRATE', and a further series introducing a selection of characters talking about their lives in South Africa.

The video clips and a selection of stills were used to ampliment the campaign #lovesouthafrica, and used on a microsite created in conjunction with the Guardian newspaper.



Manthe, Johannesburg Dancer
Experience Manthe’s Johannesburg in this video
Celebrate Cape Town
Expect a soaring Table Mountain, charming little towns and estates of the Cap...
Charlie, Cape Town Fashion Designer
Charlie is a fashion designer based in Cape Town.
Celebrate Johannesburg
Joburg is a city abuzz with music, cultural and art spaces, museums
Huenu, Event Organiser in Cape Town
Meet local Capetonians and experience the city as they would
Celebrate Cities in South Africa
South African cities have their own unique attractions and vibrancy.
Jonathan, Johannesburg Developer
Jonathan speaks about his involvement in creating spaces like Johannesburg's ...
Celebrate Design in South Africa
Design has never been as big as it is right now in South Africa.
Slovo, Johannesburg Designer
Slovo talks about showcasing South African design, fashion and photography
Celebrate Nature in South Africa
Celebrate South Africa's beauty