Montaz-Rosset Film is an award-winning producer of innovative and creative factual and commercial film, based in the the heart of the Alps - the adventure playground of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

With a complete service from concept to distribution, Montaz-Rosset Film has everything covered down to the last detail. From finding the ideal location and the most talented athletes, through creating thought provoking visual narratives and commercial campaigns, to delivering solutions for social media and multi-lingual markets.


Shooting adventure sports in highly inaccessible locations is what we do.

A high level of outdoor & mountain expertise combined with innovative use of equipment allows us to accompany people on incredible journeys. We use a diverse range of tools to create compelling stories, and our services are frequently solicited to shoot and produce for major television channels & advertising agencies.


Montaz-Rosset film offers a full range of post-production services, from colour correction and motion graphics to bespoke sound and music design. Our collaborations with carefully selected motion and sound design professionals produce consistently outstanding results for our clients.


The unique and spectacular images produced by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset provide invaluable assets for marketing and communication. We have an extensive library of images available for licensing for a variety of appropriate uses. Browse our library here. or contact us for further details.


Using skills and experience acquired from a life lived in the mountains, Sébastien Montaz-Rosset tells stories from a unique perspective. Extraordinary tales of ordinary people recounted from the inside plunge the viewer into the midst of the action.

Sébastien is one of a new generation of filmmakers working mainly with DSLR cameras and distributing films via internet platforms. With no formal film training, growing up in the alps & work as a mountain guide and ski instructor enables him to bring a new and surprising perspective to everything he films.


Using the same fresh approach to commercial work as in film enables the creation of highly illustrative showcases, rich in stunning imagery and sensory stimulation. Our experience and knowledge of delivering to multi-lingual and international markets will enable you to communicate more effectively with a wider audience.


From developing effective social media strategies with training for brand ambassadors and community managers, to the latest techniques for filming adventure sports in highly inaccessible locations, we provide bespoke professional training via workshops and courses delivered in person or online.